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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

What You Need to Know

Do I Need to have a boat?

No. But....

Anglers must fish from a propeller-driven boat in all tournaments (not our rules, it's just the type of tournaments they are!). 

Anglers who do not have a boat or do not have access to a boat must rely on volunteer captains. If you can not secure a boat for yourself, you will have to be on a standby list for the tournaments. This means that if there is an empty seat on a boat, you will be able to compete. Otherwise, you're more than welcome to attend our meetings and learn more about bass fishing!

We highly encourage anglers to reach out to family/friends/local adult bass clubs and find themselves a dedicated captain for the season. You may be surprised at the level of support you'll find for this sport! Many boat owners and adult anglers would love to support and encourage student anglers if asked, and the time commitment is not that bad. If you only want to fish in 1 trail and 1 division that means a total of 4 tournaments between Sept-May.

Because of our size, GBC is unable to commit to matching up anglers and volunteer captains.

What are the age requirements?

Our club is open to youth anglers in grades 6th-12th, regardless of which school they attend. However, the age requirements differ by tournament trail rules:

To compete in FAN Tournaments: Anglers must be going into 6th grade by the start of the school year and can not have already graduated from high school.

To compete in THSBA Tournaments:  anglers must be in 9th - 12th grade

What is the cost?

GBC Membership is $110 per year and includes your tournament jersey, cap, neck buff, performance short-sleeved shirt and car decal. 

Each tournament trail also has an annual membership fee ranging from $30 - $65 and each tournament will have an entry fee ranging from $20 - $35 per angler per tournament.

Additional costs throughout the year may include travel (hotel, gas, meals) and captain compensation.

What is the commitment?

There is no minimum participation or commitment. Your participation is completely at-will and does not affect your membership in the club. We participate in (on average) 1-2 tournaments per month with opportunities to fish in additional tournaments as they are announced.

Do I need to be really great at fishing to join?

Absolutely not! Our club has a variety of experience levels represented - from beginners who have never fished before to kids who have been fishing since they could walk. There will be plenty of educational opportunities both in our meetings and on the water.

I'm in! How do I sign up?

You can access all of the membership information here

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