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GBC Shows Up BIG at FAN Championship Tourney on Conroe - Jacob Heidrich Earns AOY for FAN South

Another exciting GBC season is in the books! Our club has grown leaps and bounds since our first tournament in April of 2017, when we had 9 members. This season we had 11 teams qualify for the FAN Championship on Lake Conroe and the team of Alex Herrera and Blake Martinez (Captain Brian Berry) took home 3rd place out of 64 boats, with a 14.24 lb bag earning them each a $1,000 scholarship.

Also competing in the Championship were:

Tanner Adams Josiah Tate Kaden Wiedenfeld Logan Bourgeois Jason Phillips Tanner Gooding Colton Gibbons Jacob Gallas Grady Walters Chandler Banks Mason McClellan Braxton Holden Andres Herrera John Thomas Trevilion Aaden Thomas Lane Carpenter Jacob Heidrich Hunter Turner Keegan Clement Reid Robison Major McCarty Grady King

Congratulations to everyone!! Just making it to the Championship Tournament was a huge accomplishment and we are so proud to have you representing our club!

Another huge honor was awarded to our very own Jacob Heidrich who was announced as the FAN South Angler of the Year at the Championship Banquet. Jacob worked hard throughout the season and showed us all what commitment and heart look like. As AOY Jacob earned a $1,000 scholarship and, of course, bragging rights! Congratulations, Jacob!

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