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GBC Kick-Off Meeting - 2019-2020 Officers Announced

We had a great kick-off meeting tonight at our new meeting location Vicky's Hinterhoff. It was great seeing familiar faces as well as a lot of new ones! Guardians Bass Club is GROWING and it is amazing to see all these young anglers sharing their passion for bass fishing with other like-minded kids.

There is a lot in store for us this season. New anglers, new lakes, and new Club Officers! We announced the results of the officer election and congratulations to the following members who were voted in by their peers:

Meet your 2019/2020 Guardians Bass Club Officers!!

President - Blake Martinez (far right) Vice President - Alex Herrera (2nd from left) Secretary - Andres Herrera (far left) Media Chair - Aaden Thomas (2nd from right)

Thanks, guys for stepping up to lead our group! We look forward to an amazing season!

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