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2020-2021 Season Information

We are getting close to the start of the 2020-2021 season and I wanted to share as much information as I can, as early as I can! Most of you are returning members of GBC but we do have several new anglers, so I’m going to be as comprehensive as possible with this email. Additionally, the contents of this email will be posted on our website for reference.


As of right now all tournaments for both FAN and THSBA are moving forward with the 2020-2021 schedule as planned. All tournament dates and lakes have been posted on our website.


Due to current COVID-19 restrictions regarding gatherings of 10 or more, we are not planning any in-person meetings for the time being. Instead we will be hosting virtual meetings through Zoom or a similar platform until we are able to get together in person.


We are excited to have Fuquay Marine as our Premier Sponsor for the 3rd year! We also have several new local companies who want to support our club this year. I will ask that if you secured one of our sponsors for last season, that you reach out to that company and ask if they would like to keep their spot this year. We’d like give them first option before securing new sponsors. Sponsorship information can also be found on our updated website. Our first FAN South qualifier is October 3rd, which means in order to get our new jerseys designed, finalized, ordered and in-hand we will need to secure our sponsors by August 28th.


We have a new online process to register for the club, which can be found on our website under “Membership”. At the bottom of the page is a link which will take you to the online registration form. Once you fill out the form you will see a link to pay your dues online or you can mail in your dues.

**Important** - You will also receive a confirmation email which tells you to download, sign and return the Liability Waiver and Code of Conduct Acknowledgement forms. Your membership will not be complete until these forms are returned. Those forms can be found under “Resources” on our website.

FAN vs. THSBA and School-Based Clubs

As you already know, FAN (Faith Angler Network) is our primary tournament trail and is most inclusive, allowing 6th-12th graders to participate. THSBA (Texas High School Bass Association) is a secondary tournament trail that only allows 9th-12th graders.

THSBA rules state that if you attend a high school that has a THSBA fishing club, you MUST join that club to participate in any THSBA tournament. This year, that means that if you attend Canyon HS or Smithson Valley HS and you want to fish in a THSBA tournament, you must do so through your school’s club. There are currently no other high schools in our area who have bass clubs. This means if you attend NBHS, Medina Valley, etc…you can fish THSBA under Guardians Bass Club.

Additionally, none of the Comal ISD high schools are fishing FAN tournaments, so if you want to fish in a FAN tournament you would do so under Guardians Bass Club.

In a nutshell, if you go to Canyon HS or SVHS and want to fish in a THSBA tournament, you must do so through your school. If you go to either school and want to fish in a FAN tournament, you will do so through Guardians Bass Club.

Brad Banks is heading up the Canyon HS bass club so if you have any questions about the new club you can contact him directly at

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What if I attend a Comal ISD high school and my partner attends school in a different district?

  • Your partner will be able to sign an out-of-district waiver to compete under Comal ISD

Can I fish FAN under GBC but then fish THSBA under Canyon/SVHS?

  • Yes. There are no conflicts between the two tournament trails or the two clubs

Do I have to fish in both the FAN and THSBA tournament trails?

  • No. You can pick one or the other – or both!

What is the difference between the two tournament trails?

  • The primary difference is the age groups allowed as outlined above

  • The Angler of the Year point systems are slightly different, as are the launch/weigh in rules and processes

  • More info can be found on our website in the Membership section

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